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A quick and easy way to connect vocal artists directly with their audience.

Artists, Find your Audience & Perform at Upcoming Events in a City near You.

Listeners have the power to discover music artist
Check out these artist at live performances!

Artists see how your songs perform
Earn the chance to perform live at our events!

Getting Featured on our app is Easy!

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1

Set up your personalized artist profile so fans can hear your music!

Step 2

Next, we'll feature and share your music with the world via our app.

Step 3

Fans checkout your music and vote on which of our events you should perform at!

Step 4

Finally, you'll take the stage and make your mark!

Music Lovers,
An App for all!

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Great Events

We use Eventbrite to promote our upcoming shows, and we’re always planning new events for you to attend. 


The last show was amazing and im looking forward to the next event.  You guys are awesome!

Renee M., Chicago IL

I have been lucky to evaluate this app for my band and i think its sick.  I love the communication it gives us.

Brewster H., Chicago IL

WOW.  This is the future of music.  Connecting fans directly with bands to plan local events.  I love it.

Sofi W., Chicago IL